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Epic Invite™ is the best new way to give a unique and memorable gift or invitation in 2024. There’s, quite literally, nothing else like it. Whether you want an unforgettable wedding invitation, a heartfelt message to send to that special someone, honor the passing of a loved one, or make your next big event unforgettable, sending an Epic Invite™ is sure to get your message heard!

EpicInvite™ was founded by a dream team of Entertainment Insiders and TV & Film production veterans. Our goal is to take the fun and excitement of a big budget production and make it accessible to anyone. Through our unique network of industry professionals, we’re able to streamline the process and create one-of-a-kind, fully hand-crafted, audio invitations and greeting cards with the same production quality heard in expensive commercial entertainment.

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Crafting timeless moments with audio invitations, celebrating each occasion with creativity, and a touch of magic.

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An Epic Invite tailor made to tell your story is only $99. When you place your order, our team of professional script writers immediately get to work crafting a highly personalized message based on the information you provide. Next, our team of industry acclaimed voice over artists will record your message. After that, a third team of award winning sound engineers add original music and sound effects to enhance your message. It’s then, mixed and mastered. Finally, your audio message is attached to a customized invitation/greeting card image and rendered as an mp4 video- Perfect for sharing through Social Media, Text, and E-mail! You’ll be able to download both the mp4 and mp3 & wave files.

You bet! We believe your Epic Invite™ should be as unique as your story. You can provide specific details, personal stories, and preferences to make it truly one of a kind. Whether it’s a heartfelt message, special occasion, or a preferred style, our team is here to bring your vision to life. We also offer the option to choose your perfect voice over artist or let us pick one that matches your taste and style.

We understand that timing can be crucial for your special occasions. We’re proud to guarantee a speedy standard delivery option of within 5 days.
Last minute gift? We got you covered with our expedited, 24-hour delivery option!

It’s true that we got our start making high-quality, custom audio wedding and birthday invitations. BUT we quickly discovered that Epic Invite and personalized messages for friends & loved ones are a match made it heaven! Whether you need to express your feelings in a tear-inducing message of love and gratitude or make someone fall out of there seat laughing with an outrageous shout-out, we’ve got you covered! Our custom audio greeting cards have since become our most popular order!

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you’re not completely happy with your Epic Invite™, contact our support team. We have our ‘Love-It Promise’ in place and will make it right. Minor revisions are typically included at no extra cost. If more extensive changes are needed, we’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your expectations. Your happiness with your unique order is our commitment.